If Looks Could Kill: The Aubrey Gold Story Review

When you think of porn, your mind usually goes to viewing busty babes seductively teasing the camera before enticing the viewer by performing numerous sexual acts to aid them in pleasuring themselves. But if you take a look behind the curtain of the glamor that you see multiple adult stars show the world, you will see another world filled with struggles, addiction, and even murder. Author Kelli Roberts is no stranger to the adult entertainment industry. She began her work in 1996, working behind the scenes as a producer and marketer and helping run several sites, including free classes on becoming an adult performer. She even records memorials for stars who have passed away. With her latest book, she looks to tell the story of Aubrey Gold in a new light that hasn’t been shown before.

Kelli paints a picture of Aubrey Gold’s early life in a small crime-riddled town in the Deep South. Born to young parents, she struggled with an inconsistent father and a mother who was not equipped with the skills to help guide her through life, which gave her a sense of insecurity that followed her throughout her life.

Aubrey was first exposed to adult films at twelve and planted a dream of joining the adult industry. After her eighteenth birthday, she left her hometown and relocated to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams of becoming a pornstar. Once there, she flourished as a performer and gained a loyal fan base, but as time passed, work became more challenging to find, and she relocated to Los Angeles, which didn’t welcome her with open arms as she hoped. She struggled with modeling agencies that used predatory practices and had to work with shady production companies. During this time, her personal life was falling apart, and she turned to drugs and alcohol to help numb the pain. In the end, Aubrey’s career only lasted two years before she decided to move back to her hometown.

Once she returned, she continued to struggle with addiction and struck up a relationship with a well-known drug dealer in town. She became trapped in the dark underbelly of the city, became entangled with his circle of shady characters, and found herself in an abusive relationship with no support to help her. During this time, she fell into a plot to kill a man who owed money to the leader of the circle, and while she initially claimed to have no involvement, her story began to unravel.

Detectives began to investigate the crime, and while combing through clues, they uncovered that while Aubrey did not commit the murder, she did help her boyfriend, who did and helped cover up the crime and aided in disposing of evidence. All who were involved in the crime were tried and convicted; her boyfriend was given life in prison without the possibility of parole, while Aubrey was given ten years.

Looking back at the hardships she endured, you have to wonder if things would have turned out differently if they had been different. She will be eligible for early release in 2029, and we hope that prison has reformed her and that she can turn her life around.

Reading the book, I was enraptured by Aubrey’s story and how the author. Instead of placing all the blame on her as many true crime sources tend to do, she tried to give us a thorough account of her life and what could have led her to do what she did. I commend the author for giving us a deep dive into the underbelly of the adult entertainment industry, which on the surface seems glamorous but can be darker behind the curtain, and giving several sources to other instances where other stars have experienced difficulties within the porn industry. While I enjoyed the book, I think the author could have given us more information on the court proceedings for the offenders because the subject was rushed over. I particularly enjoy learning more about the investigation and sentencing process, which most true crime books seem to contain. I would like to see more books on the darker side of the adult industry as I think this subject gives readers a better idea of what happens behind the scenes.

“Featured image courtesy KIS Publishing”