Pornstar Phoebe Kalib strikes a pose.

Phoebe Kalib: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

By her own admission, Phoebe Kalib thrills to the idea that scores of porn fans pleasure themselves to her onscreen work. Inspiring pleasure by partaking in it is second nature to this trending star, whose name change from Elle Vonena to Phoebe Kalib heralded the latest iteration of her career. She discusses the reasons for the change, the story of how she got into porn, and much more in this new HotMovies interview.

HotMovies: What was behind the name change from Elle Voneva to Phoebe Kalib?

Phoebe Kalib: It just felt like it was time to change my name because Elle no longer resonated with me. I wanted something cute and unique so Phoebe came to mind. I 1st changed my last name to Kali to represent goddess Kali and the dark feminine. But as as i grew into a more lighter feminine, getting back into the industry, i changed it to Kalib for 2 reasons: 1, Kalib means whole heart so its a beautiful representation of my evolution from the dark feminine to the light feminine. 2, I made the mistake of telling an untrustworthy person my name ideas and they created social media accounts using that. So i just added a “b” at the end cause fuck it. Like always, it worked out in my favor. I’m grateful that I was redirected that way otherwise my name could’ve held a certain kind of power that I personally dont want to embody over another kind.

When did you know you wanted to be a pornstar? Why did you choose sex work as a career?

When I was stressed from college and knew that I did not want to waste my life working some job that’s sucking the life out of me. So I dropped out of college and moved to LA to start being a slut and have fun while making a living. Having fun making money? I don’t want to play this game any other way. The only job that applied to before porn was a retail position at Banana Republic in downtown San Francisco. I was young and dumb. In the interview the lady brought up company credit cards and I said without even thinking “When I think of credit cards, I think about debt.”… I’m so glad I said that. That was such a blessing in disguise. Obviously I didn’t get the job 😂.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I really just found my first agent online was really it. Before that I was camming every weekend while I was going to college so that I could save up to move to LA and start over. Got booked for multiple porn companies. Went from there.

What is it about knowing others are watching you that gets you off?

I love turning sexy people on by my own pleasure. I love mutual masturbation. I love knowing that people are touching themselves to my porn. It’s hot! Sometimes when I’m filming, I fantasize about some hot person that I know outside of the industry masturbating to my porn and that turns me the fuck on.

Do you like watching yourself perform?

In front of a mirror while its happening? Absolutely. On camera, yes, most of the time when I watch my porn I feel sexy. I love editing my own porn because of that. A lot of times I take longer than i thought to edit a porno because i keep masturbating to it. I love my job.

How do you prepare for a shoot?

I have a whole list. I make sure I have wardrobe packed. Everything else like comb, toiletries, makeup, etc. I shower, shave my body, pluck my brows, make sure my nails look fresh. I set my alarms so I’ll arrive a bit earlier than call time. Ive just started doing anal and its much more of a prep. Eat extra clean starting 3 days before the shoot. Quit eating at a certain time and drink ginger lemon tea right after my last meal. Play and stretch my asshole everyday for a week before with booty toys. The morning of, I take an Olly Combat Cravings so Im not hungry when I’ve been fasting. I’ll also pop an Immodium to be safe. Then I’ll bring rhodiolla rosea in case i need more energy which is just a herb/supplement.

Do you prefer working with industry studios or creating your own content? What are some of the differences between those processes?

Both have perks. I love working with companies cause it can be fun with the crew and other talents. Its an interesting experience to act in front of a camera with a professional crew. Its also easy and quick exposure to new fans. My goal is to just make my own content so that i can travel more freely and all the content that I make keeps giving passive income. Like I’m still making money off videos I’ve made when i was 18 so I’m really grateful for that. I feel more valued that way to keep doing what I do.

Your cover photo for New Sensations’ Cheerleaders in Heat Vol. 2 is one of our favorites so far this year because that split so vicious! How’d you learn to do that? Were you a cheerleader or in gymnastics at some point?

Thank you! I took taekwondo classes and was in color guard. In both we would stretch in splits in our warm ups. I’ve always been naturally flexible. I love stretching. I spent a while stripping and I would do the splits multiple times on stage a night so my body is just used to it.

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What was it like working with Chad White for that one, and how did you guys build such great chemistry on camera?

That scene I had lost my “second virginity” meaning that this was the 1st time i had sex with someone in 3 years because of my celibacy. I was just so turned on to be fucked again. All my senses were heightened. All i could think about was dick that day. I hadn’t had it in SO long! Chad was super sweet and funny so it went pretty well and we had lots of fun.

If you weren’t a pornstar what would you be doing?

I would probably be in another country working some kind of regular job that I dont even know what but id definitely be focusing more on living than hustling. Or Id be a stay at home comfortable wife. Thats what I ultimately want in the future. For now, I love being a sex worker.

Are you a coffee or tea person? What’s your order?

I love camomile, lavender, and ginger lemon tea. For a boost I go for chai tea with raspberry syrup and almond milk. Once in a blue moon I’ll get a decaf iced coffee rose from Phillz for a nice treat.

What’s one thing all your fans should know about you?

They should know that their support doesn’t go unnoticed. I love and appreciate them so much. And they’re about to see so much more anal from me after a five-year wait!

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