‘By Any Other Name’: A HotMovies Review

Doctor’s get into their line of work to help people, often at great sacrifice. What does the doctor do when they need help or guidance? Everyone has an issue at one time or another. In this movie, a psychologist named Dr. Rose Fisher (Mandi Slade) is really good at her job helping people rediscover their lost passions. Along the way she realizes that she has lost some passion, and we watch her imagine a life through one of her patients.


The good doctor seems to have a think for some dark meat. Once we see her back in her home for the evening enjoying a bath her husband comes in to put her in the mood. He rubs her big tits and that gets get into the bedroom where he eats her pussy to his biggest delights. Once she is pleasured some, he hops on the bed so that she can get a taste of his BBC. The get to the fucking action but it’s a little plain, I have a feeling that she wants something more, she needs something more. He knows how to pound the cock though and gives it to her good.


In the next scene she listens to her patient talk about her mother and the judgements she feels she makes. Then they get onto the subject of her lover and how much he loves her. But she has “adventures” with others. In their adventures they add someone to their tryst, and outsider they mutually agree on. It seems like the doctor is extra interested in this lifestyle. She asks many questions before the session ends. It leads the doctor to begin daydreaming on other sessions. Suddenly she imagines her patient Astro Domina getting some male attention. She is out by the pool when he comes up and removes her bikini to get his tongue in her pussy. Then we get a nice view of her Asian body when she gets down on her knees to suck his cock. He fucks her doggystyle and then flips her over so that he can cum on her stomach.

Astro Domina

Rose begins to realize she is having a problem of her own as she has a drink alone in her office after a session. Then at dinner with her husband notices her preoccupation. The next day she gets a little grumpy with her understudy Doctor, Andrew. They have a little spat and we suddenly realize something may be emerging between these two. I can see her mind working as she contemplates a big move. Over dinner her and her husband use metaphors to get the subject going of seeking out deeper desires. They discover Andrew has a little crush on her and they invite him to join them for an evening of fantasy. It seems like she has come alive when on the date with these two men. She seems so much happier as the three of them dance and enjoy the night. The moment arises where the three of them get naked and begin to play. As it progresses there is a bit of a plot twist when Andrew begins to suck her husband’s big cock. I didn’t see that coming and it appears that both of them will get something from their new lover.


Danny’s Details

I always love that DORCEL movies enjoy telling a good tale along with their porn. They aren’t afraid of taking a risk telling different stories to add diversity to their audience. I think this movie will be a little niche, it may appeal more to a sophisticated porn enthusiast. I found the storyline to be a little slow and didn’t really stimulate me into the sex, but most of us watch porn for one thing. I am going to give this four semi-erect cocks, give it a try!