Alyssia Vera: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Alyssia Vera is a stone-cold MILF. Growing up in a small-town in Kansas, she never imagined a life as a pornstar, but fast-forward to today and she is rocking our socks and jocks in stellar sexy performances. In this interview, she talks to HotMovies about joining the adult industry, her workout gear, where she sees herself in five years, and much more!

HotMovies: What was it like growing up in Kansas?

Alyssia Vera: Growing up in KS would have to be summarized into two words: Conservative Freedom.

I grew up on 1700 acres of land outside of a very small town…It was so small, the nearest Walmart was 35 minutes away.

Bonfires, “booze” cruising, wakeboarding on the lake, and karaoke nights at the bar consumed my life pretty much every weekend.

The small town lifestyle definitely reaped the benefits of lacking “civilization” however, succumbing to very heavy Catholic beliefs, made me start to question the small town life.

I did love that I could walk for miles on a dirt road and never worry about anything spooking me.

The only problem was that I was extremely sheltered in terms of “sexual endeavors.” I was named the prude in my highschool, I didn’t even have sex until I was 18 to the guy I originally thought I was “going to marry”.

What made you want to join the adult industry?

I had never thought about adult work until right after I got married to my husband. We were sitting down in a room being kinky with one another one day and all of a sudden he said, “Wow it would be so hot to see you suck another guy’s cock”. Picture a deer in headlights moment, coupled with me making the carpet floor soaking wet from that comment LOL – After that moment, we never looked back.

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Alyssia Vera. Image courtesy of MyPervyFamily.

On your wish list, you have a lot of health and workout gear; what is your favorite type of exercise?

Haha you caught me! My favorite workout would definitely have to be an intricate series of HIIT Cardio. I love hopping on the treadmill going about 4.3-4.5 mph at an incline of anywhere between 5.5-6.5. I will do a fast paced walk for 2 minutes and then “fly” off with graceful intentions, and do some hardcore cardio for 30 seconds like: burpees, jump rope, squats, push ups, high knees, or butt kicks. This workout regimen is typically on Wednesday’s for 50 mins OR I’ll do this for 35 mins after a weight workout.

If you could shoot a scene with anyone (from porn or mainstream media) who would it be?

My dream now (as I fortunately got to work with a couple already) would have to be with Jason Love and Kendra Lust, hands down.

What’s a fun fact or something that people may not know about you?

I am a passionate country singer that used to perform on stage and really want to incorporate my vocal chords into my adult work. People say I sound like Shania Twain parlayed with Carrie Underwood or Faith Hill.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

I’d love to see myself owning a large Alyssia Vera company selling all kinds of products, a health product line, collabing with a record label to add in my sexy provocative country music/music videos, and running a podcast with two of my favorite women.

What was it like filming your scene with Lizzie Love for Lesbian Obsessions 8?

First off, Girlfriend Films and Lizzie Love are just absolutely sensational! You can never go wrong when you’re working with Bisco. He’s truly one of my favorite producers and working with Lizzie was effortless. She helped make the entire scene from start to finish so natural and harmonic. I love when I get the opportunity to set stage with Girlfriend Films because not only do you know they will always make you look good, they always make you feel good and treat you with nothing but respect!

What is something you haven’t done for a scene yet that you would like to do?

I personally have yet to do a scene that is of fem/dom style. I would actually be interested in being that dominant woman in the film. My alter ego surrounds the basis of a sexy sultry submissive woman, but I’d actually like to broaden my style and add in a little dominant AV. That or being a part of a really fun cuckold scene.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Wake up at 5am, check a few messages, start my posts, go to the gym for about 1.5 hours, come home and eat breakfast, and then shower. After my shower is when I’ll either do my content, or have a shoot set up for the day. If it’s content I’m creating, I’ll spend a few hours doing that and then I’ll run over to my spa and go do my red light therapy bed and dry sauna. At the end of my day, my husband and I will have our own fun and then sometimes watch a movie if time allows.

Do you like having the title of MILF in a lot of your content?

Honestly, I prefer having my MILF title. I’m not sure why, but I find MILF’s so sexy and desireable, I kind of like the aspect of the mature Mom versus the 21 year old college girl. I think a lot of that stems from my childhood because I used to help take care of my sisters plus being a nanny, so it was always natural for me to exercise that motherly nature.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I would take off and travel to the Fiji Islands OR Europe and just explore all parts of Italy and everywhere in between 🙂

You’ve done filming for both major studios and independent scenes for other sites, do you have a preference?

That’s a tough one. I love working for both but if I had to look at both spectrums, logicially you’d rather be independent operating your own because you get to manage your own schedule, sell as much as you want, when you want, and always making money even in your sleep. The other side is major studios. You need major studios in order to build your name, brand, and audience. When you work for major studios, you obviously know you are going to profit a set amount which may make sense to those that have financial obligations each month. They can also help connect you to other areas of adult work which is a major asset. Overall, my choice would have to be independent in the end. I love the power to run my own show, it just runs through my blood that way.