Ameena Green

‘High Fidelity’ : A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

High Fidelity from Crave Media follows Ameena Green, a hipster music aficionado navigating a devastating breakup. She attempts to wash her sorrows away by revisiting her exes and reliving their hottest sexual encounters.

Ameena has sex with an artist

She calls up one of her exes, who is a judgmental buff French man. He’s a painter as well, in case you needed an additional detail to outline that stereotype. When she goes to visit him, she realizes many of his paintings are of her. It turns out this man is subconsciously not over her, and thus we’re shown a flashback of one their hottest fucks. Ameena disrobes right on front of her boyfriend’s assistant, not caring there she’s witness to their lust. His penis enters her with a slime-y scooping sound. He humps her while she continues to talk with the assistant. For them this is another day at the office, but it sounds and looks better than any day at my office. Ammena is a perfect specimen bent over, taking dick, and examining paint colors with the assistant.

Ameena has lesbian sex

We learn Ameena is bisexual when she visits another ex of hers: a hot bombshell blonde woman. When you meet a lover in a club the results are bound to be explosive and wet. We learn this to be  true when we see Ameena’s first sexual encounter with this ex at a rock show. The lights are dark red and they’re both dresses like their legs are open for business. They find themselves in a back room unable to keep their fingers outside of one another. Ameena is active and dominant, pressing her lover against the wall and hiking her leg up for maximum spread. She puts her up on the sink and rubs her clit. Her ex’s tits glow red in the light, and you can see the outline of the veins throughout her breasts as they jiggle along with her sounds of pleasure. On her lover’s turn, she’s like a wizard between Ameena’s legs, casting spells with her tongue that leave Ameena quivering and satisfied.

Romcom ending sex

Ameena’s final post mortem is with the man who she broke up with at the beginning of the film. It’s the break up that started this whole journey and thus the most significant. While it looks like there’s still some physical chemistry left over. Ameena, however, displays the maturity to deny these desires, and stop his advances. Then, just like in your favorite romcom, she hooks up with her supportive friend that’s been there for her the whole time. You can tell by the way he grabs and feels up her ass that he knew what he wanted this whole time, but finally she sees it, too. Her friend has had her back the whole time, and thus they fuck hard on New Year’s Eve/Day. This is the most intimate fuck of the film, proving that this guy was the one she should have been with all along. It’s particularly evident with the way Ameena sucks his dick. It’s not only with enthusiasm, but dedication and fulfillment, like that dick is what she’s been looking for her whole life, and now that it’s finally in her mouth she will never let it out.

The professor’s opinion

Ultimately High Fidelity is about a mature, self-aware, sexy woman going on a mental health journey to examine the flaws in how she views and acts in relationships. Ameenna displays a healthy level of reflection and ability to learn and adjust when given the opportunity. Though rare for a porn movie, it has a good message with a role-model lead who experiences character development. It’s a welcome departure from typical porn characters and narratives, and makes it tremendously easy to like, because there’s a sense of empowerment as opposed to dirtiness.

High Fidelity box cover
Image courtesy of Crave Media.