‘Dominant Step-Daughter’: A HotMovies Review

Imagine that you are some guy who suddenly has a blended family, and with that family your step daughter is a little on the dominant side. It sounds like it could be a realistic scenario, but in this film Dominant Step-Daughter, the tables are turned and it’s stepmom who is being seduced. It’s the kind of tale that only Mommy’s Girl can tell, and it’s bound to get some attention. Get ready to see Serene Siren, Mona Wales, Crystal Rush and India Summer get romantic with their step-daughters – Aidra Fox, Riley Reid, Aria Lee, and Gianna Dior.


Serene Siren and Aidra Fox

It starts so innocently as stepmom Serene gets herself dressed up for a night out. Aidra is showing off her sexy dress too and telling her stepmom how beautiful she is. Suddenly Dad sends a message and cancels date night with the girls. They share their frustrations with each other while sitting on the bed. Serene talks about how starved for attention she is so Aidra decides to make her feel better. As they complement each other their banter turns into flirtation. Aidra obviously wants more from her and overwhelms her stepmom with affection overkill. Once the minds meet on the same level the hands begin to explore. Before long the dresses are coming off and the pussies are being mashed together like I’ve never seen. Cunnilingus is on the menu for these girls and mom know how to deliver it. By all accounts it was delicious, Dad really missed out on this one. Aidra’s sexy pussy cums better than any cock on camera.


Mona Wales and Riley Reid

Who can resist Riley Reid, she is a young teen girl whose stepmom does too much for her. While gathering her clothes she spies Riley’s teenage diary and gives it a little read. Shockingly, the diary goes right into some very sexy intimate thoughts of things she would like to do to her stepmom Mona. When Riley walks in she does not seem upset by catching her reading her diary, then we find out she left it there on purpose. It’s go time on her secret desires for her stepmom, she declares she is eighteen now and wants to act on it. She says to her “you read my diary, you know what I want.” Then they embrace and the passion heats up very fast. Riley is a natural at sex, but she looks so innocent, she is my favorite kind of girl. Riley takes a deep dive into Mona’s pussy with her tongue and thank goodness Dad is not home because the moaning is intense. Mona recognizes Riley’s sexual maturity and reciprocates with some tender loving that sends her right into her fantasy world. Riley takes it all the way and treats her stepmoms asshole to a deep tongue bath. It makes her shiver, hell it made me shiver. Mona’s nipples are so hard with raw emotion as we witness her real orgasm. Riley’s nipples are just as hard, these ladies are in the moment.


Crystal Rush and Aria Lee

Aria has a stepmother with a sexy accent in Crystal Rush. Crystal can sense her step-daughter has a dilemma on her mind and quizzes her about it. Aria is a little bashful at first and confesses that she experimented with another girl. She says during the experience the other girl called her “very boring.” Crystal understands exactly what the other girl was saying, and she offers to give a little lesson. It starts off a little awkward as Aria gets around the idea of getting intimate with her stepmom. She shows Aria just what to do in the giving part and makes her cum hard when she eats her pussy. Then it’s time for Aria to take her turn and we get a very nice view of Crystal’s sweet pussy lips. Aria seems to be a quick study as she gets Crystal to cum with a massive orgasm. Then she learns the art of the sixty-nine as the ladies bond like never before. The final lesson is teaching her how good a strap on dildo can be. She fucks her tight little pussy like a stud and gives her a whole new body quivering experience. At the end Aria says she is feeling pretty cocky and wants to go show that girl what she learned.


India Summer and Gianna Dior

Gianna has this constant itch, and her stepmom is checking the internet to see what could be wrong. India says it looks like it could be a clothes allergy and suggest that she remove her clothes. It seems like the stepmom is the dominant one in this scene. Gianna reveals her beautiful body and distracts me from the awkwardness of this stepmom making sure she is naked. Her next suggestion is that they cuddle, but Gianna may be allergic to her dress too, so she gets naked. Pretty smooth I must say but they look so good as they spoon. Gianna is cold so India says she has a method to warm her up quick from the inside. She is the smoothest operator I have ever seen, she is better at seducing than a man is. Its working as India responds to the touch of her pussy. I think India planned this from the start, but Gianna is literal putty in her hands. They make out and get more intimate as India licks her all over her body. Gianna really enjoys her touch and moans delightfully the whole way through.


Danny’s Details

This lesbian film transcends the barriers between those who seek lesbian content and those who may just stumble upon it. Every girl in this movie is obviously getting off and that to me makes a great porn movie. We get to see some smoking MILF bodies paired with some nice young tight teens and a pretty good storyline to go along. I was pretty pleased by how this movie came together in the literal sense of the word. I’ve seen almost all these girls in heterosexual movies, and they do the lesbian acts just as good or better in this film. Riley Reid scene is to be watched by far! That scene should be a bestselling scene as that scene alone earned this film a full five fully erect cocks by me! This is a great movie!