Alex Jett stars in three porn videos.

Alex Jett: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

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Hey, when you’re a Jett, you’re a Jett all the way. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Alex Jett makes it his business to go all the way in an industry that rewards male performers with his energy, focus, and stamina. His stature, slim build, and sweetly innocent countenance have spelled plenty of family roleplay shoots, but he’s managed to transcend typecasting with distinctive ventures of his own. Fly high with Alex in the latest HotMovies interview, covering his new brand, most popular clips, life off camera, and more.

HotMovies: You’re the owner of HucowPOV. Talk a little about how that got started and your vision for it.

Alex Jett: Yes! I started late last year, and its a bit of a surprise passion project for me. About 2 years ago I started developing vitiligo on my penis and other parts of my body. It causes depigmentation of the skin which gave me spots! I always like to lean into what makes me different, and so the cow print fit perfectly. Add some green background/lighting to stand out in thumbnails, and you have a unique theme/look.

What is Hucow exactly? Where does the Hucow aesthetic come from? What is the history of that?

So the Hucow fetish is actually a developed kink. It mostly revolves around big tits and breeding/forced breeding and being submissive… general objectification kinda stuff. I really just borrow the aesthetic if i’m being totally honest. Think of it as high quality Gonzo POV porn with a twist to stand out.

You and Donnie Rock directed Naughty Asian Teens which was released by BANG! in 2023. Is there any collaboration between directors on movies like this or do you guys just direct separate scenes?

We are actually totally independent when it comes to the scenes we direct. Actually that scene comes from a series I shoot for called “Real Teens’ and the dvd is their physical media portion of the scenes distribution. Bang actually gives me a ton of creative control as far as who I shoot, and how I shoot them. In this case, I shot 1 of the 4 scenes in Naughty Asian Teens and I shot my friend Kimmy Kimm. I may be biased because I’ve known her for so long, but I’ll say just that 1 scene I shot of her makes the price of the DVD worth it! She’s phenomenal, and having her in front of my camera is always a joy.

Why Asian Teens?

When I shoot for most companies I’m always surprised at where they end up. Sometimes I’ll shoot a couple girls, and a year later I see a couple of those scenes are being used on a DVD. So in this case I shot Kimmy Kimm, and Bang! decided to use it in a DVD revolving around asian teens. For example, I shot a couple girls a while back: Bella Luna, Harley King, Laney Grey, and Scarlet Skies… and Bang! released those scenes in a DVD I fully directed titled Finally Legal Bush #3 so if you like my scenes you’ll love that video!

You had a scene with Betty Foxxx for Mommy Blows Best. How was working with Betty?

That was a good scene, and she is a really nice person. I worked with her a handful of times and it was always a fun day on set. She actually spoke spanish the entire scene for the dialogue, and the cameraman was a part of the scene too and translated. Anyway, very unique, which always sticks out in my mind.

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Are there certain types of scenes you prefer to perform?

I prefer to perform POV scenes more than anything else. Personally I would say my favorite overall in the category are Virtual Reality scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love holding a camera and shooting a scene the way I want to… but being able to just lay back and relax while having sex with a beautiful woman, is just about my favorite thing in the world!

You performed in a Pure Taboo movie with Kyler Quinn, Deep Trouble wherein she plays your younger sister’s best friend who seduces you. How was shooting this movie and working with Kyler?

Yeah, that was a really good scene. Way more dialogue then I’m usually used to shooting haha but the director and crew were all very supportive and we took the time to get it all right! That was my first time working with Kyler too and I had been wanting to work with her for years. So it was really great, and I’d shoot with her again anytime!

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Is it fun to perform in these deeper narrative, psychological sort of movies?

Yeah it’s fun… but a lot of work! I’ve found out after years of working in the industry that I prefer to do scenes that are a bit less wordy. Ad-libbed is my favorite, since you can say whatever you want, and that feels more real to me. Looking back I’m glad I did scenes with a deeper narrative, but I’m happy to be a Gonzo POV guy now and I probably will stay that way.

What keeps you motivated as a performer and director in this industry?

My biggest motivation is making good porn. Like there is so much porn on the internet now and the stuff I shoot stands out against all of that due to the way I shoot it. I use pro LED lighting, full frame cameras, super wide angle lenses, and a gimbal. Most POV shooters will try and reduce weight as much as possible, using crop sensor cameras and handhold them. My video camera is over 7 pounds and I’m able to use that to totally eliminate all camera shake, so I think its fair to say I shoot some of the cleanest looking dirty porn lol.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

In my down time (which I have a lot of it) I like to do what I’m doing right now, sitting in front of my computer, with a cup of coffee, talking about the industry while watching YouTube videos. I always tell people the most interesting thing about me is that I shoot porn. When I’m not doing that I’m usually just at home in bed or on my computer, playing games or watching movies. I enjoy being at home so much that I have a whole living room set so whenever I shoot I never have to leave!

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