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‘Sex Magic’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Have you ever been down on your luck, struggling to pull any sort of poon tang? Well, Sex Magic is all about a sex witch who can turn your bad luck into one sexy streak. From struggling couples to folks who just need a good screwing, Kali Sudhra has the cure inside her crystal ball.

Calita Fire & Julia Roca Threesome

A young couple made up of Julia Roca and Tommy Cabrio needed some new sexual experiences, and this vacation was where they were gonna get it. Kali used her sex magic to draw them to her place, where she convinced the couple to bang a third chick, Calita Fire. The truth is they didn’t take much convincing. No one would give much thought after getting a glimpse of a naked Calita. Just like that, their sex lives were reinvigorated. They tag teamed Calita, who in turn sucked Tommy’s cock and licked Julia’s pussy. They made a train together on the bed, cock to pussy to mouth. There were lot of sloppy slapping sounds and desperate moans.

Kali Sudhra and Tula Vida

Sometimes all you need is some good girl on girl action. Girls, after all, have a special connection with other girls. They can sense how they’re feeling, and they can feel their bits in ways guys simply can’t. It’s a female touch, if you will. Kali and Tula do quite a bit of touching on one another. Kali lets Tula use a vibrator while Kali uses her bare magic fingers to infiltrate Tula’s soaking gates. The friction and speed only build as Tula’s head tilts back and her mouth drops open. The fingers are deep inside her now, working their sexual energy to bring her to orgasm.

Venom Evil and Jesus Reyes

Venom and Jesus were in great need of a passionate fuck. Kali used her sex magic to give them a series of tasks to unlock their inner-most horniness. This involved bathing, rubbing titties, and opening their souls. It’s really the whole nine yards. By the time their sex chakras were open, they were all over each other. We’re talking hard dick in the mouth. Venom rubbed Jesus’s girthy member like a snake tamer. In turn. Jesus drilled his tongue into her clit like a froggy machine-gun. Her smile was electric, as she was finally achieving the intimacy she always desired. By the time he’s pumping his dong up into her, they’ve made a full connection. Her ass gyrates around his hips and the cheeks slap and jiggle with unrestrained freedom and creativity.

Kali Sudhra and Tula Vida threesome

Kali and Tula had such a transformative experience that they returned in the final scene to give us another go, this time with the help of Sylvan in a threesome. It turns out that no matter how good the sex is, you can always improve it. With the addition of a rock hard cock, they are able to get their pussies rammed and stuffed whilst they service one another. They did a great job of keeping momentum with one another, making sure the fingering, kissing, and licking kept a similar tempo to the thrusting. Sylvan took both girls for a ride, proving the versatility and endurance of his meat stick. They all climax at various moments, getting absolutely everything they could wish for out of the interchange.

The professor’s opinion

Kali Sudhra truly is some kind of sex magician or witch. It’s easy to tell in her excitement and dedication to the craft of hot sex. She is quick to engage and can’t contain her stellar moans of satisfaction whether she’s fucking a man or a woman. She takes these couples and individuals to school and by the time they are let out, they’ve experienced Earth-shaking orgasms as well as a new view on the fun and wonders of the bedroom.

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